Comment and analysis

Following the publication of Funding Political Parties in Great Britain: A Pathway to Reform on 14 October 2010, we have published additional comment and analysis.  As well as disseminating the findings and recommendations contained in our report, this work has involved further research into the extent of the parties’ reliance on large donations.

Comment pieces

The following comment pieces summarise the key issues and elaborate on the approach to reform advocated in the report:

Stuart Wilks-Heeg, Party funding: a pathway to reform, OurKingdom, 15 October 2010.

Stuart Wilks-Heeg, Party finding reform: why the cap may not fit, Left Foot Forward, 18 October 2010.

Stuart Wilks-Heeg, Party funding: yes, another review really is necessary, Liberal Democrat Voice, 20 October 2010.

Stuart Wilks-Heeg, Party funding: the long road to reform, Parliamentary Brief, 29 October 2010.

Stuart Wilks-Heeg and Stephen Crone, Party funding reforms are overdue in the UK, but should not be rushed, British Politics and Policy at LSE, 26 November 2010.

Evidence submissions

We submitted written evidence based on our report to the Committee on Standards in Public Life in October 2010. This written evidence also provides further analysis of the role of large donations. Dr Stuart Wilks-Heeg appeared before the Committee at their first evidence session on 3 November 2010. A transcript of the session is available.

Further analysis of big donations

The following posts on the LSE British Politics and Policy blog summarise additional research we have conducted into the role of big donations, based on the Electoral Commission’s pubic register of donations:

Stuart Wilks-Heeg, 224 large donations from less than 60 sources funded 2/5 of all spending by the top 3 parties across a decade, British Politics and Policy at LSE, 30 November 2010.

Stephen Crone and Stuart Wilks-Heeg, Just 50 ‘donor groups’ have supplied  over half of the Conservative Party’s declared donation income in the last decade, British Politics and Policy at LSE, 21 December 2010.